Should customer service calls be recorded and made public? This one was.

Should customer service calls be recorded and made public? This one was.

Posted by On Mar 27, 2014 In Journeys

You ever wanted to be a fly on the wall and listen-in on what people are talking about when they think no one is watching?

Well, we knew this was being recorded, but still. It can be titillating to listen in on a private convo.

This is a nice, relaxed conversation between a Triberr member and myself acting as a customer service representative.

Many large corporations have massive amounts of audio and video recordings of their customer service reps helping users, clients, members, customers, etc.

Why not make those recordings public?

Well, I’m making this one public, we’ll see if all hell breaks loose.

In this video, you will learn how to assign your social media accounts to the right tribe, what would happen if Putin signs up for Triberr, what happens when you inbreed too much, and lots, lots more.

You’ll also hear a preview of Triberr’s

Build a Better Tribe initiative. Enjoy.

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I just joined Triberr. What do I need to know?

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The first thing I do when I wake up, I check my email to see if anyone needs immediate Triberr support.

This is usually an easy thing to catch up with. Few emails that come in over night usually ask about a singular specific problem which I can solve by sending them somewhere on

But yesterday, a new Triberr user emailed me with a slew of questions, all of them good, but it was just Read more →

Who Rocked the Influencer World Last Month?

Influencer Highlights is a new series of posts on Triberr which highlights the influencers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Let us know how you like it. Read more →

March’s Top 5 Influencer Marketing Campaigns on Triberr

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Triberr mission has always been to help make bloggers more successful. An important part of that is giving bloggers opportunities to make money. Not a few bucks here and there with ads, but real money that contributes towards becoming a full time bloggers.

Last year we made a giant step in that direction by rolling out Influencer Marketing campaigns.

Influencer campaigns give bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters and all creative types the opportunity to work directly with brands as a spokesman and brand ambassador.

Here are a list of new campaigns on Triberr now accepting applications for March.

1) Prip


  • Brand: Prip
  • Category: Mobile Apps
  • Duration: 30 day
  • Price: $300 and up is a push to talk style communication app for Android and iOS devices. Add a few of your contacts and chat with them faster than with phone calls, and easier than text.

Looking for: business influencers, consumer influencers, hispanic influencers

Learn More about the Prip campaign
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Helping bloggers grow their audience since the ancient Internet times

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I was keeping track of the stats on my YouTube channel like any self respecting geek should, when I came across this little gem.

It’s a how-to video about Triberr from 2 years ago. Boy, did we change a whole bunch.

But I’m happy to say that the video vividly illustrates our north star.

We were always about one simple thing. Helping content creators grow their audience. And even this poorly produced video from the ancient Internet archives is the evidence of that.

It’s good to take a look back sometimes. Enjoy.