Top Internet Sites and How They Got To Be That Way #Video

By Dino Dogan November 17, 2012 0 Comments

Last week, Mark Burgess asked me to speak to his students at Rutgers University about content marketing trends and futures.

An opportunity to shape young minds?! I’m in! I replied. :-)

If you would like the read-version of this post, it’s here.

WARNING: I’m in the business of changing minds, and you may not like everything you hear in this video.

Also, hang in thereā€¦I start with seemingly unconnected topics (guitar slingers, PC revolution, Greek gods), but I get to top sites, Social Media, and Content Marketing piece soon thereafter. :-)

Make sure you watch the video carefully, there will be a pop quiz at the end. :-)

Note: I misspoke around minute 18. I said “If twitter came into existence 2 years earlier, those people would have been proved wrong”. I meant to say “correct” instead or “wrong”.

Dino Dogan

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