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By Charlie Patel November 22, 2017 3 Comments
Triberr Content Curation Tool
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Content curation is a critical step in the content marketing process. Many of our users leverage Triberr for exactly this purpose. They actively review tribal streams and posts from fellow tribemates to identify high-quality content to share with their social audience.

Several Triberr users provided feedback requesting more robust content curation functionality within Triberr. Until now, the content universe available was limited to whatever circulated within the Triberr ecosystem. Therefore, our users relied on other tools to identify and curate third party content that wasn’t in their Triberr streams.

After evaluating various content curation options available in the market, we realized why users were requesting this feature. The available tools fell into one or all of these buckets:

  • Too expensive – The pricing plans made it clear that some of these tools were meant for businesses with larger budgets.
  • Too complicated – Some curation tools were overly bloated making the simple act of content curation more difficult than necessary.
  • Too limited – Other curation tools only offered a limited feature set or primarily served as a bookmarking tool or a feed reader.

Let’s face it, bloggers don’t want to pay for yet another subscription only for content curation. So… we’re integrating this feature into Triberr.

Since our goal is to serve bloggers first and foremost, we quietly released a beta version of Triberr Curate to premium users last week. If you’re a Lite or Prime member, start curating content from various sources to take advantage of this new feature.

What is Triberr Curate

Triberr Curate
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What’s an hour of your time worth? How about 5 hours? or 20 hours? TIME is limited and we all understand it’s value. Triberr Curate intends on saving you a ton of that valuable time so you can focus on other things.

The majority of our community members are individuals without a social media management team. Therefore, a content curation service that not only saves time, but saves them money, is a hot topic.

Based on feedback from several users, below were the most requested functions to curate content effectively:

  1. Aggregate from multiple content sources (RSS, social, and/or keyword search across the web)
  2. Organize sources into custom content groups
  3. Schedule content to be shared to specific social accounts
  4. A daily digest email that highlights the latest articles from each content group

That’s Triberr Curate in a nutshell. You can personalize it to fit your needs whether it be for content discovery or content curation. Let us know how you plan on using it or integrating into your workflow.

Luckily, Triberr is already structured to curate and share content. We import content daily from thousands of blogs, displaying it in tribes and streams, and allow users to select valuable posts to add to the Queue for scheduled sharing. The process works and you’re likely accustomed to it already. Therefore, Triberr Curate is a natural extension to the platform and requires no change to your existing workflow inside of Triberr. Simply add items to the Queue that are relevant to your audience.

Triberr Curate will save you time and, quite possibly, be compelling enough to ditch other curation tools. You can learn more about how Triberr Curate works by visiting our help documentation.

Content Sources

We currently support the following content sources:

  1. RSS Feeds – Follow your must-read sources by adding any valid RSS feed. We’ll crawl them daily to make it easier to curate and share content to your social accounts.
  2. Social Sources – Create content streams from various social sources such as:
    • Twitter – track sources by @username, #hashtags, or keyword
    • Facebook Pages – unfortunately, we’re limited to Pages per the Facebook API
    • Pinterest -track sources by Profiles or Boards
    • YouTube -track sources by @username, channel, or keyword
    • Instagram -track sources by @username (experimental)
    • Reddit -track sources by @username
  3. Tribe Category – An easy method to view all content within a specific category of Tribes.

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Content Groups

Think of content groups as folders you can use to organize your sources. For example, one content group may be allocated to your favorite blogs on fashion or technology, whereas another content group may be used to track Twitter feeds of industry influencers or competitors.

Add sources into any content group. The process is simple!

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What’s Next for Triberr Curate

As we continue to iterate, users can expect several new features within Curate including:

  • Improved user interface for adding sources and content groups
  • Addition of two more custom views
  • Keyword monitoring using enterprise-grade web crawlers
  • Track brand mentions – Yup! No more expensive solutions to track whether you’ve been mentioned by Forbes or your favorite blog(s)
  • Additional content sources based on user feedback
  • Release limited functionality to Free users

Our team will be working hard to make all this happen. Premium members will enjoy more functionality and value! If you’re not a premium member, we hope this valuable feature and its roadmap will justify upgrading to a Lite or Prime subscription.

Community Feedback

As always, we value our community and we are open to your feedback. Tell us what you love and, more importantly, what you dislike. Help us improve and make Triberr more useful and valuable. Feedback can be sent directly to [email protected] for consideration.

NOTE: Currently, only premium users have access to Triberr Curate. We’ll release a limited version of this feature to Free users within the next 2 weeks.

Charlie Patel

Charlie is always up to something. As a serial entrepreneur, he is CEO of Triberr - a content marketing suite and influencer marketing platform, - a leading podcast host and directory, 99 Robots - a digital marketing & WordPress development agency, Ampfluence - an Instagram growth agency, and several other ambitious startups. He likes random emails from users, loves story-telling, but dislikes being in the spotlight.

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