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By Dino Dogan February 11, 2015 74 Comments

Having followers on Triberr means that every time you publish a new piece of content, your followers will share your content with their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn audience. In fact, this can be a completely hands-off operation for your followers.

Bloggers, podcasters, or YouTubers should consider following a number of people on Triberr in order to keep your social accounts active and your audience glued to your updates due to the amazing content you keep sharing.

Use Case 1: Business Blogs

You run your company’s blog and need eyeballs. What do you do?

Your employees are on social networks. Your company’s message is timely and relevant to your employees. And since many of your employees are connected with your business partners, clients, customers, and general public, chances are your company’s blog is relevant to that audience.

Employee advocacy is a marketing channel few businesses are taking advantage of. There are platforms that charge thousands of dollars to help companies spread their message though their employee network, but on Triberr, you get it for free.

Use Case 2: Superfans

You are an amazing content creator (blogger, podcaster, or YouTuber) and you need eyeballs on your content. What do you do?

Your readers are on social networks and some of them may be your superfans. Following you on Triberr means that they will likely be among the first people to share your content. And if your content makes them look good, then being among the first to share it could be very beneficial to your followers, and it could be beneficial to their audience.

How to Build a Following On Triberr

You will need to grab your profile URL first. To do that, go to Account/Profile (see image below).

Note the URL for your profile page. It may look something like this: or something like this:

Both are correct, but one is prettier. If you’d like to beautify your profile URL, here are the steps.

In either case, you’ll end up on your profile page, which may look something like this (see image below).

Note: To change your header image, follow these steps.

Notice the Follow button on your profile page. Clicking the Follow button reveals an option to set sharing to auto or manual (see image below).

Default option (No) is to set sharing to manual. Clicking “Yes” will set sharing to auto, which means that whenever new content is published on the blog, the new article will be shared automagically to whatever social accounts are connected to the follower’s Triberr account.

Follow these steps to add Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts to Triberr.

Want to take Following for a spin? I’d love to be your guinea pig. You can follow me here, and you can unfollow any time.

The Possibilities

When compared to other social networks, the economies of scale are completely different on Triberr.

For example, 500 followers on Twitter means that only few followers will see things you share with them. Five hundred followers on Facebook means that only few of your fans will see your status updates (unless you pay extra).

Let’s consider what happens when you have 500 followers on Triberr.

Five hundred followers, each connecting their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts means that every time you publish a new post you will get 1500 shares.

500 followers X 3 social networks = 3 shares per follower.

And if every follower has you on auto, those shares are guaranteed and reliable.

Also, consider that those 1500 shares are only the first ripple. Each of those 1500 shares may lead to re-shares which leads to the 2nd ripple, which may lead to the 3rd….you get the idea.

Breaking out of the Triberr bubble

Triberr is very content-creator focused. Having other bloggers, podcasters, and YouTubers follow you is incredibly valuable. In fact, it’s so valuable that we’ve built an entire platform around it and called it Triberr.

But you’ll want to break out of the Triberr bubble and get your employees, friends, family (and anyone else who might be able to reach your target customer) to follow you on Triberr.

To do that, here are few ideas.

1. Invite your Facebook friends to follow you on Triberr. You’ll probably have to explain what Triberr is and how this helps you and them, but luckily the article you’re reading right now should give you some pretty good ideas.

Ditto on Twitter, LinkedIn, and elsewhere.

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2. Add a badge to your blog. You’ll have to make one yourself for now and link to your profile page, but we plan on rolling out an official plugin soon that will look something like Facebook’s “Like my page” type box.

The plugin will probably look a lot like Facebook or G+ equivalent. If you have ideas on how these designs could be improved, please let us know. Here’s a proposed design on the right.

3. Invite your existing blog followers via newsletter or blog post. You’ll probably have to explain what Triberr is and how it helps your blog readers stay on top of your content, easily consume it, and easily share it, but luckily the article you’re reading right now should give you some pretty good ideas.

 4. There are few esoteric ways in which I’ve promoted my blog that have worked really well. Same esoteric ways could be used for your Triberr profile, Facebook page, or any number of other places where you want people to engage with you.

Here are few ideas:

– Add your Triberr profile to your email signature.

– Add your Triberr profile to your business card.

– Add your Triberr profile to your bio lines on other social channels.

Word to the wise: Keep in mind that the No 4 may be pushing it. Be smart about who you’re communicating your Triberr profile to. It’s not for everybody. It’s really for the two use-cases mentioned above (business blogs and superfans). Everybody else will probably be put-off if you pester them with your “follow my blog on Triberr” message.

If you have additional ideas, please share below.

What’s Your Use-Case?

I presented 2 use-case scenarios above. Business blogs and superfans.

Is there a 3rd scenario that I didn’t think of?

Dino Dogan

Dino is the Founder of Triberr, a refugee from Bosnia, and professional speaker with a real job. His real title is Global Force for Badassery.

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