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By Charlie Patel July 27, 2018 0 Comments
Facebook Permissions Triberr
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Recently, Facebook announced a major overhaul to their Developer API, specifically regarding deprecations and changes to permissions for applications that use Facebook’s API. These changes will have an impact on many social sharing platforms including Triberr. In this post, we will discuss the impending changes and how this may impact our members in the future.

What Does This Mean For Triberr Members?

Permissions are important to Triberr’s functionality because they allow Triberr to send content you want to share to your respective social networks. Recently, Facebook announced that it is making changes to its API by the end of July 31, 2018, that will prevent Triberr from allowing its users to post to their Personal Facebook Profiles.

As you know Triberr’s platform currently allows members to schedule content for sharing on several social networks including Facebook Profiles, Pages, and Groups. Free members are able to share content to their Facebook profiles and Paid members are able to share content to either a profile, page, or group.

Posting to Personal Profiles

Facebook’s recent updates to their API means members will no longer be able to share content to their Facebook Profiles using Triberr’s “Add To Queue” method. Please note this is specific to Facebook Profiles.

Triberr has been approved for these permissions in the past. We are currently working with Facebook to determine if we will be able to continue to use this functionality on our platform. Although, we hope to retain these permissions the likelihood of this happening is low.

Posting to Pages and Groups

In addition to the changes to Personal Profile Posting, Facebook also made updates to their API with regard to managing pages and groups. We are also currently working with Facebook to continue to be able to use these features.

What You Should Expect in the Coming Months

Posting to Personal Profiles

Members should expect that the permissions to post to Facebook Profiles will be removed from Triberr and plan accordingly. If this permission is indeed removed, members will not be able to share content to Facebook profiles using Triberr’s “Add To Queue” method. Additionally, once this functionality is no longer available to Triberr via the Facebook API, we will also remove / delete items in your queue that are scheduled to share to a Facebook profile on July 31, 2018.

Posting to Pages and Groups

Paid members will likely still be able to post to Facebook Pages and Groups as we’ve been approved for this permission in the past and made all necessary compliance updates to ensure Triberr’s platform meets Facebook’s new specifications. We will update this blog post with any news as soon as we have more definitive information.


Can I still post to Facebook via Triberr?

Facebook has indicated that sites or platforms may continue to use the share dialog for sharing located in Triberr’s share bar. You may continue using Triberr’s share bar which includes a Facebook share dialog. Facebook has not made any announcements to indicate any additional alternatives are available. Please note, Lite and Prime users should still be able to posts to pages or groups using our “Add to Queue” method as this is a separate permission in Facebook’s API. Free members will need to upgrade in order to use this feature.

Can any other tools publish to Facebook Profiles?

As of end of July 2018, Facebook announced the removal of this capability. However, the company did state it will provide access to a select few. It is still unclear as to what tools will retain this capability.

Will this impact my ability to log in Using Facebook?

You will still be able to Login using Facebook. However, we highly recommend connecting a Twitter or LinkedIn account as well as ensuring your email in Triberr Account Settings is update-to-date. Oftentimes a major API update will encounter a bug or outage at some point.

Is there any way to keep scheduling to my Facebook Profile?

We are unaware of any tools that will retain this feature.

Why is my Facebook Queue being emptied?

If the permissions to post to Facebook Profiles are removed we will delete items in your queue that are scheduled to send to a Facebook Profile. This will ensure data integrity within our database as well as avoid any unnecessary API requests to Facebook. More importantly, it will ensure all posts scheduled for sharing to other social networks will not be impacted.

If you have any questions or concerns please send a support ticket to [email protected] and one of our agents will be sure to answer your inquiry. If you are a chief of a Tribe please be sure to update your Tribemates for good measure. Also, be sure to bookmark this post as we will provide updates here as soon as we have more information.

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