I just joined Triberr. What do I need to know?

By Dino Dogan March 12, 2014 8 Comments

The first thing I do when I wake up, I check my email to see if anyone needs immediate Triberr support.

This is usually an easy thing to catch up with. Few emails that come in over night usually ask about a singular specific problem which I can solve by sending them somewhere on help.triberr.com

But yesterday, a new Triberr user emailed me with a slew of questions, all of them good, but it was just too many to answer in one email without getting it all muddled up. Here’s that email.

Plus, I didn’t have my coffee yet, so I suggested we connect on Skype so I can answer all of her questions and make sure nothing gets lost in translation.

Sandy was game.

So, here it is. We cover all of the questions asked above plus some stuff that makes Triberr different from all other social networks. Enjoy.

You can connect with Sandy on Twitter, or check out her YouTube channel.

Dino Dogan

Dino is the Founder of Triberr, a refugee from Bosnia, and professional speaker with a real job. His real title is Global Force for Badassery.

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