Triberr Update: April 2016

By Charlie Patel May 10, 2016 2 Comments
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Hey Triberr community – Here’s an update on our April progress, but first, I’ve got two apologies for this past month.  Here goes:

  1. A thousand apologies as this monthly update is clearly 10 days late. But, I have a great excuse. (see Life Milestones)
  2. We were completely unproductive in April – sorry! (see Life Milestones)

Life Milestones

Since the Triberr community is essentially family, I’ll share this with all of you. Two weeks ago, I got married to an amazing woman after 8 wonderful years together. Long story short — destination wedding… Mexico…. traditional Indian wedding… large group… 4 days… 5 planned events… beach-side, sunset cruise… hangovers… complete and utter distraction from my work responsibilities! Don’t beleive me – – – proof below 🙂

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Life & Work

On that note, I grossly underestimated how much of ME would be necessary in the month leading up to the wedding. Therefore, I’d be lying if I said the Triberr team got much done this past month as the entire team took a well deserved break to Cabo, Mexico. Most are still recovering and haven’t shown up to work 🙂

It’s amazing how life and work are so interconnected even when we try to keep them separated. A balancing act, right?

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On that note, let’s talk about Triberr:


As discussed last month, the existing code base will be rewritten. There are certain areas of expertise we do not have in-house staff so we’re evaluating several partners to assist where necessary.

  • Our internal reporting provided some interesting stats about the number of shares Triberr is directly responsible for:
    • We’re approaching a million shares per month from the platform itself
    • The estimated engagements from those shares is in the many millions!
  • We’re seeing a consistent number of new users signing up to the platform. Though, it goes without saying that our on-boarding process needs serious work to ensure those users have a jolly time.
  • Infrastructure – AWS is looking quite promising for our future. Of course, such a migration will warrant the need for full-time devops resource(s). Decisions…

Side question – are you interested in these behind-the-scenes decision making process? If so, I’ll be happy to share some thoughts on bootstrapping from the ground-up as we progress forward.


Question: Does the team read every support ticket and bonfire post?

Yes and Yes. Our support team and I read every support question that comes into the queue, as well as every post made on the bonfires. We’ve gleaned tons of great insights from both channels.


Thanks to the dozens of you who emailed or tweeted at me directly regarding my call for talent (software engineers, growth hacker, and business development associates). I’ve got an impressive group of folks to evaluate as we build the team for the future. Admittedly, April wasn’t too productive, I’ll reach out to each person directly now that I’m back in action.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in helping Triberr become the go-to platform for bloggers and marketers, give us a shout on Twitter or via email – charlie [at] triberr [dot] com.


Last month, I sent out a short survey to a subset of users. We’ll be sending the survey out to more users later today with more focused questions. Your input – good or bad – is like gold to us so we hope to see more responses to help prioritize our development efforts.

I know that was short, but that’s all I got for April updates. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

Charlie Patel

Charlie is always up to something. As a serial entrepreneur, he is CEO of Triberr - a content marketing suite and influencer marketing platform, - a leading podcast host and directory, 99 Robots - a digital marketing & WordPress development agency, Ampfluence - an Instagram growth agency, and several other ambitious startups. He likes random emails from users, loves story-telling, but dislikes being in the spotlight.

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