Triberr Update: May 2017 – Promote Post Enhancement

By Charlie Patel May 01, 2017 3 Comments
Triberr SSL Update 2017
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In early April we released several major updates to Triberr including the release of Facebook Pages and Groups, as well as Stripe Integration. Over the past couple weeks, the team released even  more updates to our app. Below is a quick summary of what we’ve been up to.

Promote Post Enhancements

Upon logging into Triberr this Monday morning, you might notice a little change in your navigation menu. This understated menu item addition leads to a big change for Triberr. Meet our new Promote Content page (beta).

Triberr Promote Post
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While the idea of a promoted post has existed for years, here’s what users struggled with:

  1. Most users were unaware there was functionality to boost their posts to get more shares and exposure. Therefore, we wanted to better surface the power of promoted posts (aka Stickies). Previously, one would only know how to get to them through a very small, obscure link at the bottom of a post.
  2. For the power users who seem to promote every post they write, there was no view to keep track of what posts had already been promoted.
  3. Reinforcing our 80/20 rule on content marketing, the ability to promote posts and see results on demand was a primary goal for our team.

The Promote Post page was created to extend your content promotion reach even further and improve the way you manage your promotions on Triberr. This new feature blends Triberr’s older, but valued, features with newer but equally powerful options to amplify your reach. The promote content updates include:

  • The ability to promote posts internally (older feature known as stickies)
  • The ability to promote external links NOT imported into Triberr – this is especially useful for when you wish to promote articles that were written by others or third party publications. For example, maybe you figured out how to get featured in Forbes or Entrepeneur and want to boost that post.
  • A comprehensive dashboard for viewing promotion analytics / data
  • Greater control over your promoted content
  • Different promote post options (Basic Boost and Tribe Boost)
    • Basic Boost – The basic boost post is a regular promoted post. A basic boost will display the promoted post in the stream of Triberr members who follow you. This is the same as the existing sticky feature.
    • Tribe Boost – The Tribe Boost provides even more exposure as it will also display the promoted post in the stream of Triberr members who follow you as well as the Tribes relevant to the post’s category. For example, if the category of your post is “Business,” the promoted post will display in the tribal stream of all Tribes with a business category.
  • Stripe and Paypal payment options

You can learn more about how to promote a post on Triberr by visiting our knowledge base or login to Triberr and try this new feature live. We have a few small kinks to iron out but wanted to get this in front of users as quickly as possible. Let us know how to further improve this feature for your needs.

Updating SSL Across Triberr

Two weeks ago, as a prerequisite for the promote post enhancement, we implemented SSL (secure socket layers) across Triberr. Given it’s practically a requirement nowadays (ask Google!), it may go unnoticed by our users. Regardless, there’s no reason not to stay up-to-date with security standards and best practices.

Triberr’s Plugin Update

Triberr Plugin Update
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As a result of the SSL update, we’ve also made changes to the official Triberr Plugin to mirror the necessary changes. If you are using Triberr’s WordPress plugin, please be sure to update before publishing your next post.

Here’s What’s Next for Triberr

Our team’s making forward progress. Below is what’s on deck for May:

  1. Enhance the Promote Post (i.e. Sticky) functionality. 
  2. Continue development on achieving sharing frequencies per social connection
    • 2013 – 2017 – One sharing frequency for all social networks
    • 2017 (March 15) – One sharing frequency per social network
    • Next iteration – A sharing frequency per social connection
  3. Overhaul of Tribes section – better tribe management. (Early May)
  4. Better on-boarding experience (Mid-to-end of May)

If you have any suggestions, please send them to our Support team at – support [at] – and we’ll be happy to evaluate your suggestions for inclusion on our development roadmap.

Charlie Patel

Charlie is always up to something. As a serial entrepreneur, he is CEO of Triberr - a content marketing suite and influencer marketing platform, - a leading podcast host and directory, 99 Robots - a digital marketing & WordPress development agency, Ampfluence - an Instagram growth agency, and several other ambitious startups. He likes random emails from users, loves story-telling, but dislikes being in the spotlight.

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