8 Triberr Announcements Before Thanksgiving

By Dino Dogan November 25, 2013 1 Comments

happy holidays from triberr
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Here’s a slew of updates from our newsletter. Happy holidays everybody 🙂

ralph rivera
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Triberr has a new team member

We are super stoked to announce that Ralph M. Rivera has joined the Triberr Team.

Ralph is a long time Triberr member, a professor of web development at Manhattan College, and owner of Rahvalor Interactive, a creative web, search, and social agency in NJ.

But let’s be honest. Even Ralph would agree that the best thing about Ralph is his wife, Carol Lynn Rivera.

You’ve probably seen Carol Lynn around Bonfires. She is the beauty and the brains behind Ralph, as well as {Web.Search.Social}. We feel like we got a two-for-one on this one.

Ralph is a much needed injection of wisdom and skill into our development team, and we hope you’ll say hi to Ralph on Twitter.


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Join us in Las Vegas on January 5th

Are you going to the largest blogging conference in the world?

NMX (formerly BlogWorld) is the Serengeti of the blogging world. Once a year, everyone comes together to learn, meet one another, and build once-in-a-lifetime relationships.

Our very own Dino Dogan is speaking, mingling, and putting together a TribeUp. A get-together for Triberr members.

If you’re going to be at NMX, join Dino and other Triber members for a free, in-person gathering over drinks and food.

If you plan on going to NMX but haven’t purchased your tickets yet, I recommend you do it now because we have it on good authority that the ticket cost will go up after Black Friday.

Here’s a 20% discount code for NMX tickets: DINO20

Hope to see you there.


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Give a Gift of Promotion

Have any of your tribemates been particularly awesome to you? Give them the gift of promotion.

Sticky post is a much-loved Triberr feature which allows you to “stick” your blog post to the top of your tribemates stream. This makes your post easy to notice and act upon (share, comment, etc.)

We have taken this very cool concept and made it even cooler.

You can now stick anyone’s post to their tribemate’s stream.

You may consider buying a Sticky post (now called “Promote”) if:

  • If someone writes something nice about you,
  • or if someone has been super-useful to you,
  • or you see a post in your stream that is so great it deserves to float to top,
Now you can pay to make another author’s post sticky.
Learn more here.

If you’re a blogger, you’re an Influencer

The latest Influence Marketing campaign on Triberr is for a very cool content marketing platform called Readz.

Readz takes any content and makes the reading experience consistent across any platform. And they are looking for few good brand ambassadors.

The campaign is scheduled for 30 days and the minimum payout per blogger is $300.00

Click here to check out the campaign page and apply.


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How To Become a Brand Ambassador

For the last 6 months, Triberr has been beta testing its own unique version of Influence Marketing. And it’s been a smashing success.

We’ve worked with dozens of top brands (TOMS Shoes, Godiva, Cottonelle, etc.) and we’ve hired 100s of bloggers to become Brand Ambassadors for these brands.

We’ve paid out over $50,000 to bloggers who’ve participated in these campaigns, and we are on track to pay out over 1 Million dollars in 2014.

Learn about what it takes to become a Brand Ambassador and get ready to make a great living blogging!

If you’re wondering how Triberr is able to pay out twice as much as other campaigns, take a look at the power of Collective Bargaining in this post.


self checkout
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Announcing Self-Checkout Influence Marketing Campaigns

So far, if a brand, agency, or individual, wanted to run a campaign, they would have to contact us so we can set up the campaign.

Early next year, we will make the campaign feature-set self-serve. This way, any brand, agency, or individual, can run an Influencer Marketing campaign on Triberr the way people run ad campaigns on Google or Facebook.

This means that the opportunities for bloggers to make a living will increase dramatically.

Learn more about this new and innovative way for bloggers to make a living.


gary vee
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Jersey Boy Done Good

Gary Vaynerchuck is a best selling author of Crush It, and a pioneer in social media. He’s also a fellow Jersey native by way of Belarus.

Gary is signing his new book (Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook) at his Wine Library location in Springfield, NJ on Friday, November 29th.

If you’re in the area, and would like to hang out with Gary, register for the event here.




vitruvian man
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The Anatomy of a Campaign Post

So, you’ve been recruited into a campaign as a blogger of influence. Congratulations. Now what?

In this latest post from the Triberr blog, we share best practices and a 6 point system to make your next blog post effective, awesome, and cool.

Happy Holidays everybody, from Dino, Dan, and the rest of the Triberr Team.

Dino Dogan

Dino is the Founder of Triberr, a refugee from Bosnia, and professional speaker with a real job. His real title is Global Force for Badassery.

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