Triberr Gets Acquired – A Better Platform Ahead

By Charlie Patel February 15, 2016 7 Comments

By now, you may already have seen an email announcing the acquisition of Triberr. We wanted the community to be the first to know as our future success begins with you.

This past year, my team and I decided that we really wanted to focus our energy on building product(s) that are valuable to thousands of users worldwide. We enjoy the various phases of product development as well as tackling the inevitable challenges that sometimes result in late night scrambles. While developing products and managing large communities is a roller-coaster of ups and downs, it’s where my team excels.

On that note, I’m super excited to announce the acquisition of Triberr as we’re hell-bent on making it the best content and influencer marketing platform.

Focus on the Mission

Content creation is tough and time-consuming, and so is the process of getting your amazing content in front of an audience. Triberr’s mission has been to help you get that exposure, and it will continue to be focused on providing more value to content creators. It’s a mission that we hope to accelerate.

We have bold plans to improve the platform and simplify the many aspects of content and influencer marketing to help you get more reach. The future of Triberr will be collaborative and rely heavily on feedback from users. That means you will have a say in our direction – we’re actively listening. You can ping me directly on Twitter or LinkedIn or our Triberr team anytime.

Thank You

Triberr’s original founders – Dino and Dan – and their team built an amazing community and platform, and I’ve been fortunate to work with them over the past few months. We share a similar passion for building a great company, and I want to thank them for their amazing support. I have some big shoes to fill.

I’ve seen first-hand how loyal and helpful the Triberr community has been to each other. It’s amazing to watch how each individual contributes to the platform. Kudos to all of you!

Happy Valentine’s Day and President’s Day, and thank you for being part of the journey ahead!

Charlie and the Triberr Team

Charlie Patel

Charlie is CEO of Triberr, a content and influencer marketing platform, CEO of 99 Robots, a digital marketing & WordPress agency, Cofounder of JuiceTank - a NJ-based startup incubator, and WordPress wrangler at Gabfire Themes. He likes random emails from people and telling better stories.

  • Congratulations Charlie and way to go Dino and Dan!! I believe Triberr is the best thing since sliced bread, as they say. I’ve met so many great bloggers here I can’t imagine why every blogger is not on Triberr. 😮
    All the best as you add this venture to your others!

  • Hey Charlie,

    I’m been with Triberr pretty much from the start and SO admire what Dino and Dan created. Those who have been here awhile REALLY love this platform. I’m eager to see more support though and what direction you and your team will take this amazing platform.

    Thanks for the notice and here’s to watching Triberr continue to grow, expand and become even more awesome.


  • Congrats, Dino, Dan and Charlie
    I look forward to seeing the next phase of the Triberr community develop and grow.

  • Yeah, we are looking forward to seeing the new Triberr interface. Hope it will continue to improve further. All the best to Triberr team ( Charlie 🙂

  • We hope the new version of Triberr got more popular and user-friendly

  • Its too late but i want to say congratulations to you charlie.

  • thanks for this notice…

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