Legacy version of Triberr sunsetting May 20th

By Dan May 12, 2013 40 Comments

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On May 20th, 2013 we’ll will be sunsetting our legacy interface found at legacy.triberr.com

Two months ago, we released a redesigned version of our site. We kept the old version online while we collected feedback, and made improvements to the new interface.


At this point we’re looking to continue to focus on rolling out new features and improvements to the new interface, so we’ll no longer maintain the legacy site. For that reason, we’ll be taking the site down on May 20th.



  • Thanks for letting us know, though there are still a few things that need to be settled before we can fully shift over to the new version. Hope all the changes are made so that we don’t miss out on the old legacy features 🙂

  • Then will there be an easier way to access my old post that are still active? The new Triberr only gives me a certain amount of sent post, after that I got nada.
    Also on when I share post on Triberr I like to share first the oldest ones on the Tribal Stream and then work my way up to the newest posts, will we be able to sort out the posts on out Tribal Stream???
    Basically those two are the reasons why even though I tried the new Triberrr I still work with Triberr Legacy.

  • Thanks for the update
    Does that mean the feedback/sharing stats will return?

  • Good to know!
    Is a way to reply to comments on triberr coming soon?

  • My tribal streams in the new vs old triberr are still different. I start in the new one and approve posts until it gives me the message “There are no posts to load”. I then switch to the old one and there a lots more posts to approve there. Something is still not right with loading all the posts in the new triberr.
    Plus, is there any reason posts keep re-appearing to approve in the new triberr after already approving them?
    Oh, and BTW, I tried to leave this comment using the triberr comment and nothing happened when I clicked the “Leave Comment” button.

  • You guys, I’ve sent you an email or two about this, but currently the legacy system is the main thing keeping me on Triberr. There are two key features that I use every day that I don’t see in the new system. Do you guys need me to re-send you the email?

  • Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, making this a great community and an easy way to share other people’s work on multiple platforms.

  • I really like the new triberr.. I do have one question though.. how do I edit a post from the new format. Before I could do it from my posts now I have been going back to old triberr to do it.. There has to be an easier way that I am just unaware of

  • Thanks for letting us know. I love the new Triberr, but using it is a real trial for me due to our internet speeds. We lived off the back of beyond, and our satellite internet service is hardly better than dial-up. It takes ages for the new little buttons to switch to ‘approved’. I’ll hang in as long as I can, but this may force me off Triberr.

    I love the concept and know you’ve got to move forward. Just hope I can go with you.

  • I’d love it if you could make Tribing up, a two way street. Like I find friends, and add them as on Facebook, so I pick and choose them in a Triberr newsfeed, and choose what I like across all of my networks. This way I am cluttered with a lot of stuff that I don’t necessarily want to share.

  • I love all the new changes, however I am a little conserned that the ‘text’ for ALL of my blog posts has reverted to the text from a post about 4 months ago! The titles change, the links change, but the text is all the same… it makes it look like I am re-posting the same thing over and over. Also, we have lost our ‘stats’….will they be coming back?? ~KM

  • @Dan,

    My posts are set to send every 15 minutes, they are sending every in hour increments. Can you check it out please. It’s backing me up. Thank you!

  • Recently (about the last week or so) I have to refresh my screen in order to approve more posts or see more posts that need to be approved.

  • We’ve solved this problem tonight. Give it another go in the new interface.

  • We’ll get it sorted out for you, Leslie.

  • We’ll have the ability to edit the description soon.

    You can view author stats by following these steps:

  • If I understand it right, you basically want to follow people.

    I think that functionality is fine, but it kind of breaks down the concept of tribes and transforms it into a Facebook or Twitter. I mean, those models work really well, but the tribe model is a bit unique to Triberr, so we’re going to try and hold on to that – evolving as necessary.

  • If you want to use the standard click buttons instead of the hover button you can do so by following these steps:

  • Hi Shauni,
    You can edit a post before sending by following these steps:

  • Thanks for that encouragement, Christy.
    We really appreciate you being a part of the Triberr community.

  • Hi Jenny,
    Yeah, if you won’t mind resending it, that would be great. dan[at]triberr.com.
    Sometimes customer support emails fall through the cracks. It’s something we’re working on improving.

  • Hi Renee,
    There will be some differences between the old and new Triberr, but rest assured that the new interface will have all your posts in there.

    If there is a post that keeps reappearing, please send us a screen shot or some details. We’re having trouble replicating this, but we know it exists for some.

    I’ll check into why the Leave Comment button didn’t worry.

  • Do you mean nested comments in the Tribal Stream or My Posts?

  • You can do that by following these steps:

  • I think you’re asking about the share count for older posts.
    Yes, that data will stay longer as we work on ways to archive the older data better.

    We’ll bring the ability to sort by oldest on top soon.

  • I know that you’re having a few issues sending out approved posts, but that’s something we’re working on that is independent from the interface.

    What things are missing that you need to see in the new interface?

  • Please work on removing the repeating posts. Still seeing them. Also, the roll-over to see the sharing people are doing was nice, in Tribal Stream. Have not seen that in weeks.

  • Manually approved Tweets are showing up in the approved Stream @Dan. Approved posts are still taking a very long time to post. Thank you

  • Not totally solved Dan. I just had to refresh to load more posts. Further details:
    I logged in and approved/deleted all the posts in my stream and got to the message “There are no more posts to load”. I hit re-fresh and then my stream was filled with posts and the top ones said they were imported 20 hours ago.
    Wash, rinse, dry, fold, repeat. (the process is the same and I have to re-fresh to get more posts to load).

  • Hey Saul,
    You can view author stats here:

  • Thank you 🙂

  • Brilliant, thank you so much for the tip, Dan. The good news for us out here in the boonies is that the Triberr change (and in reality, other site changes) has forced us to try mobile hot-spotting with our phones. So far, it’s ever so much better than satellite internet and I can approve by ‘hovering’! Groovy.

    Much obliged for the click to approve tutorial and the push into new technology for we Luddites.

  • Well, bummer. No offense, but I’m really not a fan of the new layout. Guess I’ll have to get used to it now.

  • I don’t understand the new Triberr at all. I will approve one post that says 33 out of 120 then the next will say 65 out of 120. Others won’t let me approve at all! (Not to mention all the repeated posts.)
    Plus, the posts I approved have been tweeting all day, but my own post has only been tweeted twice by tribemates.

    I miss the old Triberr. :'(

  • That discrepancy is because of our database setup. It’s only temporary though, and will be fixed as we continue to optimize the site for better performance.

  • I’m sorry, Cindy.
    I do know how you feel. I ended up leaving Facebook due to their constant layout changes.

    That said, if you please everyone, you please no one. We’re just a few guys with limited resources, so we need to stay laser focused on the features we push out, and the old interface made everything 10x more difficult than it needed to be.

    I hope the new interface will grow on you.

  • Carla Krae

    Why can’t you just give us a check box for approving a post?! I stuck with Legacy because I can’t seem to approve anything with your new interface! Seriously, I can’t Approve posts now in this new version.

  • Fixed when? I noticed none of my blog posts are showing up at all on the new Triberr. The only ones I’m seeing – and they are scant – are old.

  • There’s a bit of glitch. When hover approval is enabled, the edit icon appears. When hover is disabled, the edit icon disappears from the tribal stream and approved posts.

    If viewing a tribe’s recent posts, the edit icon is still present (with hover disabled), but switching back to the tribal stream or approved posts list discards any edits. So until it’s fixed, the only way to edit titles is to enable hover (or use old Triberr).

  • I really wish the ‘text’ on my blog posts would be changed. My title changes every time, but the text is the same from a post over 5 months ago…. it makes it look like I am re-blogging the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER. It is getting very frustrating! I even tried to take off my blog and reenter it in the setting… no change!! HELP!!!

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