Behind closed doors at a content strategy meeting. What you hear will surprise you.

By Dino Dogan December 23, 2013 3 Comments

Walking up to a girl at a bar and saying that you’re the perfect guy she should date, doesn’t work. I’ve done a fair amount of research on this, it just doesn’t work. Trust me.

Most marketing experts will tell you as much. Self-promotion is simply not effective. It comes off as desperate and tacky. And yet, all other marketing tools (HootSuite, TweetDeck,, etc.) enable YOU to promote YOURSELF to YOUR audience.

Seeing this fundamental disconnect between what experts were saying and what marketing platforms were doing, I set out to find a platform that would enable my friends to promote me to their audience. And in turn, I would promote my friends to my audience.

Alas, back in 2011, no such tool existed. So Dan Cristo and I decided to build one. And we named it Triberr.

Today, I discuss content strategy with Micah of DearSeven, a UX/UI design firm based out of New York.

Micah is launching a brand new blog, and like the rest of us, he is fighting for the attention and the eyeballs against the likes of Buzzfeed, Upworthy, HuffPo, Mashable, and the like. All of them are content farms designed to steal your attention and give absolutely nothing of value in return. Alas, they are goo at stealing attention.

In the first half of the meeting, we discuss his content strategy. Everything we discuss applies to you as well. In the second part of the meeting, we discuss how Micah can leverage Triberr.

Give this a listen.

Coincidentally, whilst collecting copious amounts of data on what does and doesn’t (mostly doesn’t) work on girls, I’ve found that when a friend recommends me as a potential date, things usually work out in my favor. And Triberr is your bloggy friend.

Dino Dogan

Dino is the Founder of Triberr, a refugee from Bosnia, and professional speaker with a real job. His real title is Global Force for Badassery.

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