Triberr Update: March 2016

By Charlie Patel March 21, 2016 10 Comments

Happy Monday Tribemates! I wanted to provide a quick update to share what’s been happening behind the scenes here at Triberr.


Our team has been reviewing the Triberr platform to document and understand the technical intricacies of its many features. It’s been an intimidating task but absolutely necessary. We’re learning a tremendous amount and finding valuable nuggets in the thousands of lines of code (thanks Dan!). Though, the inevitable conclusion is that we will need to rewrite the app from the ground up for future scalability and sustainability. In short, if we want to rapidly test and release new features to the community while supporting millions of users, the existing code base simply won’t cut it. Sometimes, you just have to start over to move faster. We expect to complete our analysis and have a focused plan within the next few weeks, after which most of us will be heads-down in development.

  • Thanks to one of our developers (Kyle!), we built a quick API for internal reporting that provides basic metrics on users, tribes, and shares. The reported numbers provide us a solid foundation to make key decisions as we carve our path ahead. I like to make decisions based on real data 🙂
  • We’ve already made some improvements in fine-tuning our database queries for faster loading
  • Expecting to do a massive overhaul to our server infrastructure in the coming months. It’s not surprising to learn that the infrastructure required to process thousands of rss feeds daily and hundreds of thousands of shares monthly is very expensive!
  • Campaigns – We’ve been fielding influencer marketing campaigns from various agencies and brands. They’re excited to work with us and have provided great feedback on what they’re looking for in the future. This feedback will be baked into future development efforts for Campaigns. Our goal is to recreate Campaigns so that it is also an accessible marketing channel for our community members, as well as larger companies such as brands and agencies.

Fact: Triberr’s directly responsible for millions of shares every month.


In my opinion, ‘Support‘ is everyone’s job on our team. We’re able to identify common patterns and problem areas by reviewing older support tickets as well as fielding the daily inquiries that come in via our support system. Submit your support questions there.

Thus far, our team has reviewed the last two years’ worth of support inquiries. There were consistencies in areas for improvement, where additional clarifications or documentation was needed, and feature requests. We’re working on improving on these fronts.

We also analyzed the Bonfire threads (the good, bad and ugly) to glean into what’s valuable to users and what’s not. While some threads were.. spammy, there were others that provided valuable insights into what users needed to be more effective. For example, better on-boarding process and ways to identify relevant tribes. Noted!

Fact: More than 95%+ of our bandwidth goes towards supporting free users. That’s a huge cost for any web business and we’ll have to tackle that problem inevitably.


As with any acquisition, the first few weeks are dedicated towards understanding how all the pieces work together. Luckily, I had a great introduction and hit the ground running. Now, we’re in the process of identifying the low hanging fruit that can be addressed quickly. I’ll provide more details on internal operations once we’ve gotten our ducks in a row.

With regard to talent, we’ve started tapping our network to find smart folks who fit the following profiles:

  1. Software Engineers (2x)
  2. Growth Hacker (1x)
  3. Business Development Associate (1x)

If you, or someone you know, is interested in helping Triberr become the go-to platform for bloggers and marketers, give us a shout on Twitter or via email.


I’ve personally reached out to some of our paying users to hear their thoughts directly.  I’ll be sending a short survey requesting additional input from a few hundred of the most active Triberr members to gather more feedback. Based on your collective feedback, my team and I will prioritize future development efforts.

I’ll keep the community in the loop on a regular basis with similar updates on Triberr. In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

Charlie Patel

Charlie is CEO of Triberr, a content and influencer marketing platform, CEO of 99 Robots, a digital marketing & WordPress agency, Cofounder of JuiceTank - a NJ-based startup incubator, and WordPress wrangler at Gabfire Themes. He likes random emails from people and telling better stories.

  • Its great info, thanks for updating us..

  • Great stuff Charlie, love to see that you’re building on Dan and Dino’s work. No idea what a growth hacker is in order to suggest one :D, but if I see any of the others, that are good, I’ll point them this way.

  • Wow! It sounds like some exciting changes will be coming down the pipe. I’m especially interested in seeing what will be rolled out for Brands.

  • Thanks for the update! I’ve been using Triberr for almost as long as I’ve been blogging and there’s HUGE value for me in the platform. Looking forward to updates, upgrades and growth!

  • Hi Charlie

    That’s awesome to see some new overall improvement and changes to Triberr ecosystem for more refined and making bloggers and brands communication in a more easier.

    Dan and Dino had done a great job on building this awesome platform, using Triberr from very beginning and loving it.

    Yep agree with you, on Bonfire, its a good feature but looks somewhat spammy with lots of messages, just need a few tweaks to make this feature more useful in a most proper way.

    Love to see future updates/changes into Triberr community. Best Wishes 🙂

  • Hi Charlie,
    I’ve been with Triberr since the early years and I’m VERY eager to see what the future brings, especially with campaigns.
    I look forward to working with you any way I can to build Triberr to the greatness I’ve always known it could be! I have a good feeling about where it’s headed and look forward to watching the exponential growth that it sure to come.

  • I will try as many people are getting advantage of this service.

  • I’m assuming we paying members just keep paying as we have done?

  • Hi Julie -Yes. In fact, existing paying members will benefit as future pricing will be greater. So now’s the time to be / become a paying member to be grandfathered into what’s to come in the future. Plans will cost more later.

  • charlie you have done a great job . . .
    the presentation of this content is so good i like it
    and keep it up thanking you…

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