How to Build a Following On Triberr

Having followers on Triberr means that every time you publish a new piece of content, your followers will share your content with their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn audience. In fact, this can be a completely hands-off operation for your followers. Bloggers, podcasters, or YouTubers should consider following a number of people on Triberr in order to keep […]

The Anatomy of a Campaign Post

So, you’ve been recruited into a campaign as a person of influence. Congratulations. Now what? If you’re a blogger, then you are a purposeful audience builder and an intentional trust creator. You have the eyes and the ears -and often the hearts- of your small but loyal audience. This is what brands are counting on […]

The right way to invite someone into your Atomic Tribe

Atomic tribes (sometimes known as Automatic Tribes) are a special kind of tribe owned by Triberr premium members (aka Primes) where only the Chief’s content is shared. ATs make sharing completely frictionless, but they are not for everyone. They are really only for superfans and employees. So, what is the right way to invite someone […]

Own Your Name Before Someone Else Does!

Fear is a powerful motivator. And fear is exactly what I felt when Dan Cristo told me to buy before someone else does. Imagine, he said, if someone owned your name and put up a porn site. Would you be ok with that? Hellz no, I wouldn’t be ok with that. So, immediately I […]

How to Think Differently

Some of the best thinking occurs when you’re not thinking about what you should think about. Does your head hurt yet? Good. You may or may not be thinking “what does thinking have to do with marketing and communicating?” Well, a lot. We form patterns with our thoughts, which then structures our reality, which impacts […]

5 Sites That Will Make You More Interesting Than Cat Photos

Let’s face it. If your friends and followers knew just how funny, insightful, and smart you really are, they would be commenting, retweeting, sharing, and engaging with you non-stop. So how do you show them your true genius? These five sites will help you find content that will delight your Twitter followers, titillate your Facebook friends, […]

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