How To Become a Brand Ambassador

How To Become a Brand Ambassador

Bloggers can now make a living as brand ambassadors. With the minimum of $300 (per month, per campaign) X several campaigns, a blogger can easily make couple of thousands of dollars per month. That’s lot more than most bloggers can make with ads, affiliates, or selling one’s soul. You might think that you need an […]

The Rise of the Creative Class at IBM’s #SmarterCommerce

The term “starving artist” needs to disappear from the English lexicon. In this video, Bryan Kramer, CEO of Purematter, and I briefly discuss the origins of Triberr, and then move into the discussion on how the creative class will rule to world. Technology has enabled bloggers to publish their work directly to consumer, and even […]

Destination Focused Tribe Building Strategy for Bloggers

Initially, Triberr was built to enable bloggers who use Twitter to group up with one another and share each other’s content across their respective Twitter audiences. But imagine for a second, if Triberr enabled bloggers to connect their email lists and enable cross-promotion that way. It wouldn’t have worked. Why? Email lists are closely guarded, […]

Just the Tip…of the Influence Iceberg

In any industry, there is a very small number of top tier players, a large number of those who aspire to be like them, and a very large number of those who will live vicariously through the top tier. A good example of this is NFL. There are less than 200 professional NFL quarterbacks. And […]

Fundamental Tribe Building Strategies for Bloggers

Triberr is a very powerful content distribution tool for bloggers. In fact, it’s so powerful that many don’t quite know how to handle its awesome power. In this post I will pose -and answer- the following questions. How do I use Triberr responsibly? How do I honor not only my tribemates, but also my audience […]

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