She tried to keep them on topic but they kept going off the rails. What happened next will amaze you

Yesterday, Mia Voss, the G+ megastar, hosted a Triberr hangout with Mike Allton, Jeff Sieh, Jason T. Wiser, Christine DeGraff, and me. You will hear Jason use the word “tweeter”, and Mike call himself a tool. But you’ll also learn a lot about what Triberr is and how it can help you as a blogger. […]

Defeating SPAM Comments

Three thousand, three hundred, and thirty nine comments are waiting for my approval. I wish, oh how I wish these were real comments. Alas, no such luck. The comments waiting for my approval are mostly written in Chinese, or reference Viagra,or sometimes, only sometimes and if I’m lucky, the comment is asking me to buy […]

Mic Check!

As part of running an influencer campaign on Triberr, I just did something I think I’m going to continue doing. A mic check. It’s a simple roll call that ensures email notifications are not getting trapped in spam filters along the way. The idea is, I leave a comment in the Conversations area, and all […]

A New Way for Bloggers to Make a Living #BeLikeMike

To this day, Air Jordans are the highest selling sneaker Nike has ever produced. When we started Triberr two and a half years ago, we had a simple mission. To solve big problems for little bloggers. The biggest problem for most bloggers was getting eyeballs on their content. But eyeballs are not the last mile. The […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Blogging

Did you know that the very first blog post was published way earlier than previously thought? And did you know that all major blogs have something in common? How about the fact that we are about to enter an unprecedented shift in the way blogs are monetized that will change EVERYTHING? These and other nuggets are presented here for […]

Why Earned Media Matters in Marketing

Today’s digital landscape gives every business the opportunity to tell its story and spread its message. For a business to stay competitive, creating awareness through various types of media is key. Here are a few reasons why earned media (combined with owned and paid) is the way to go: First, what is it? Earned media […]

10 Storytelling Elements That Works

There’s a reason for why certain storytelling elements just keeps coming back, again and again. Well, it’s because they work. I’ve done some research and collected the different storytelling elements in one place. Here we go: The Storytelling Elements 1. The Contract In the very beginning, you have to make a promise. Will this be […]

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