The future of technology. He nails it.

Triberr’s own Dan Cristo recently visited OpenView Labs in Boston; they work with companies to help them discover talent, make the right decision based on quantitative research, and bunch of other stuff that’s way over my head. In this short yet super-informative video, Dan talks about the future of technology. It’s the best, most concise, […]

She tried to keep them on topic but they kept going off the rails. What happened next will amaze you

Yesterday, Mia Voss, the G+ megastar, hosted a Triberr hangout with Mike Allton, Jeff Sieh, Jason T. Wiser, Christine DeGraff, and me. You will hear Jason use the word “tweeter”, and Mike call himself a tool. But you’ll also learn a lot about what Triberr is and how it can help you as a blogger. […]

8 Triberr Announcements Before Thanksgiving

Here’s a slew of updates from our newsletter. Happy holidays everybody 🙂 Triberr has a new team member We are super stoked to announce that Ralph M. Rivera has joined the Triberr Team. Ralph is a long time Triberr member, a professor of web development at Manhattan College, and owner of Rahvalor Interactive, a creative […]

The Anatomy of a Campaign Post

So, you’ve been recruited into a campaign as a person of influence. Congratulations. Now what? If you’re a blogger, then you are a purposeful audience builder and an intentional trust creator. You have the eyes and the ears -and often the hearts- of your small but loyal audience. This is what brands are counting on […]

Defeating SPAM Comments

Three thousand, three hundred, and thirty nine comments are waiting for my approval. I wish, oh how I wish these were real comments. Alas, no such luck. The comments waiting for my approval are mostly written in Chinese, or reference Viagra,or sometimes, only sometimes and if I’m lucky, the comment is asking me to buy […]

How To Become a Brand Ambassador

How To Become a Brand Ambassador

Bloggers can now make a living as brand ambassadors. With the minimum of $300 (per month, per campaign) X several campaigns, a blogger can easily make couple of thousands of dollars per month. That’s lot more than most bloggers can make with ads, affiliates, or selling one’s soul. You might think that you need an […]

New Triberr Homepage Revealed

New Triberr Homepage Revealed

The Incredible Triberr-Man drawn by the amazing John Garrett of Hypertransitory. We must be in a 10th iteration of Triberr’s homepage. Wanna go back in time? March 2011 Here’s Triberr’s homepage on March 13th, 2011 when we first launched.

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