How to Build a Following On Triberr

Having followers on Triberr means that every time you publish a new piece of content, your followers will share your content with their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn audience. In fact, this can be a completely hands-off operation for your followers. Bloggers, podcasters, or YouTubers should consider following a number of people on Triberr in order to keep […]

ROI on Influence Marketing

Influence Marketing spans PR, social media, earned media, native media, organic, and few other buzz words that are escaping me now. No wonder pinning down the ROI is confusing at best. Well, prepare to get unconfused 🙂 How do you approach the ROI conversation on Influence Marketing? In this video we break the model down […]

How To Promote Your Next Influence Marketing Campaign

You’re not starting from scratch. You’ve been building your online presence for years. Email newsletter, Facebook groups, Twitter, press releases, blog posts, etc. Influence Marketing -especially the Triberr flavor- is still so new that it’s newsworthy. Announcing your campaign via your social media channels will likely result in recruitment of few influencers and few shares. […]

How to Attract Influencers: A Guide for Brands

A good blogger recruiting rate is 5%. That means that for every 100 emails a brand sends to a perspective influencer, they get maybe 5 replies. And some of those replies are “TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST, A**HOLE!”. When Triberr started recruiting influencers, we had better than 50% success rate. And 10 months later, our […]

Influence Marketing Campaign Strategies For Brands

If you’re thinking of running an Influencer Marketing campaign, this video is a great place to start from. Last week Dan Cristo and I visited Chris Curran of Social Media Unscrambled to talk about Influence Marketing campaigns. In this video the focus is on the big picture. Dan and I discuss several effective strategies that […]

If you don’t trust your employees to serve as brand ambassadors, then who do you trust?

Tami Cannizzaro, IBM’s Global Director of Social Business fires off a challenge to all brands in this insightful panel with Brian Moran, Drew Neisser, and Triberr’s own Dino Dogan. If you don’t trust your employees to serve as brand ambassadors, then who do you trust? ~Tami Cannizzaro IBM is one of the largest and most traditional enterprises in the […]

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